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BM079ARTIST NAME :  Jesus Soblechero
LABEL : Baile Musk
CAT NO : BM079
RELEASE DATE : 02.02.2015
GENRE : Tech House – Minimal
COUNTRY : Germany

Jesus Soblechero – 301
Jesus Soblechero – The Deal
Jesus Soblechero – Wisdom
Jesus Soblechero – No Place




Jesus Soblechero comes from the Spanish city of Segovia, currently known as one of the best producers of Spanish modern underground of electronic music.
With years of producing experience Jesus proved himself on a powerful editions of the prestigious publishing houses such as Little Helpers, Pild and Natural Ryhthm.
This time, Jesus presents “The Deal” EP which is the most modern fusion between tech house and minimal organic sounds.
As such, it is perfectly fits in the modern concept of Baile Musik releases.

Release preview :


Dj feedbacks :

ALEXI DELANO – thank you for the music! Favorite Track: Jesus Soblechero – The Deal
LUCA DOOBIE – Wisdom (Original Mix) for me thnx:) L
PACO OSUNA – Will try thanks 😉
MARCO CAROLA – downloading for marco carola, thanks
DEAF PILLOW – 301 for us Favorite Track: Jesus Soblechero – 301 (Original Mix)
MEDEEW – Wisdom for me !
STACEY PULLEN – cool will try thanks
MARINA KARAMARKO – MISS SOULFLY – nice pack, will test, thanks!
MARKO NASTIC – Favorite Track: Jesus Soblechero – 301 (Original Mix)
ADAM TOUCH – 8/10 Wisdom the best for me, thanks for sengding, will try!!
ALEX FUENTE – nice thanks 😉
ANDREA LANDI – nice EP, The Deal my fav, thanks for music
BATTRIC & MIVU – The Deal and 301! Thx
CLAUDIA AMPRIMO – thanks for the music!, No Place (Original Mix)
DANIELE CASA – Baile Full support!!
DEAF PILLOW – 301 for us
YANNE – nice thanks!
JUST ME – 9/10 Wisdom is cool! Thanks!
LILLO – cool work!! 301 for me thanks!!
MAX J – Nice release thanks Favorite Track: Jesus Soblechero – 301 (Original Mix)
NICOLA KOCH – A very deep and I think thout through release! love the dark groove!
PETAR CVETKOVIC -very nice thanks
PHIL & JULZ – 8/10 dope EP! we will try some of them!
SALVA STIGLER – 8/10 love it favorite Track: Jesus Soblechero – No Place (Original Mix)
SEBASTIAN LEHNERT – 8/10 301 (Original Mix) my fav, thx
SVEN JAEGER – 7/10 301 for me Favorite Track: Jesus Soblechero – 301 (Original Mix)
THOMAS A.S. – 8/10 good tracks!
WHITE BROTHERS – 10/10 nice ep, Soblechero Rocks! thx

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