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Hernan Cattaneo played Baile Musik

Hernan-Cattaneo-Podcast Hernan Cattaneo has included two tracks by Leman & Dieckmann into his latest “Resident by Hernan Cattaneo” Podcast played on 03.01.2015 as Episode 191.

Check full podcast on Hernan´s official website : Podcast link

Podcast includes tracks Takes Two feat. MS.O and Reset, booth released on same Takes Two LP which is available as double vinyl and digital.





BMA04-Digital-Cover-FOR-FB-onlyArtist : Leman & Dieckmann
Title : Takes Two LP
Label : Baile Musik
Country : Germany
Cat no : BMA04
Format : Vinyl + Digital LP
Release dates : 15.10.2014 (Vinyl), 20.10.2014 (Digital)


JUNO RECORDS (part 1) // JUNO RECORDS (part 2)
DEEJAY.DE (part) // DEEJAY.DE (part )
DECKS.DE (part 1) // DECKS.DE (part 2)
TECHNIQUE.CO.JP (part 1) // TECHNIQUE.CO.JP (part 2)

DIGITAL VERSION (2 bonus tracks)



These days house music is often about a 4/4 beat and a catchy groove. The idea is to do something simple to which you can get your groove and, and not so much about listening.
The borders of electronic dance music makes room for the hypnotic beats, the driving grooves, but not always the melodic universes.
Leman & Dieckmann have been making music for several years, both together and apart, but almost all of their music was driven mainly by the beat. But both having an urge to discover the dynamics of melodic synths and melodic percussion they decided to make an album.
They agreed that the album had to tell a story, and like so many times before in music the topic became love. The story they try to tell through the music on the album “Takes Two” is the story of a breakup, the denial of the need of love, and the discover of the fact that often in life it takes two, to be happy.
The album features the Swedish/Danish jazz singer TYRA on the groovy house track “Movement” and the percussion based balearic inspired track “The Meeting”. Also the title track “Takes Two” is featured by the Danish singer Ms. O, who, on top af beautifull Rhodes chords and minimal drums, manages to tell the story of sincerely need and unrequited love. “The Stranger”, a track about the autodidactic act of a onenight stand as a part of moving on, is featured by the very talented Danish singer Julie Christiansen.
The album, which consist of 10 original tracks, ranges from the deepest atmospheric Deep House to groovy Tech House to old-school trancy house. “Takes Two” defenately differs from the masses, and bring a breath of fresh air to the circulating sound of 2014 .

Written and produced by Rasmus Jensen, Thomas Dieckmann
Featuring artists : Julie Christiansen, MS. O and TYRA (Julia Liebig Werup)
Mastered by Medeew Mastering (France)
Visual design by Martin Schell
Published by Baile Musik



Selected DJ feedbacks :

HERNAN CATTANEO – played Takes Two and Reset at Resident / Episode 191 / January 03 2015

RAMPA – dope productions! sounding is verry good….but for my taste to jazzy funky pianoish …i like kinda all beats…drums groove etc…

RE.YOU – charted BEYOND CONTROL on “Watching You” Beatport Chart by Re.You chart : link

HOLLIS P MONROE I’m jamming to the new album by @Leman & Dieckmann and there’s some true beauty and deep grooves throughout. Can’t wait to drop some of these for a dance floor…I definitely think they can fill the gap that was once filled by Dubtribe Sound System… gotta catch this live show at some point…

PATRICK BATEMAN – HIGH quality house music album… Great work Thomas and Rasmus!!

GEL ABRIL – some great track here tnx!

ANDRE BULJAT – Beyond Control” and “Escapade”is the one! Thanks!

MIYAGI – great debut album by leman & dieckmann. like the whole stuff from beginning to end. congrats!

NICOLAS MASSEYEFF – Nice Flow all over those tracks !!!

DENIS HORVAT – These guys are showing a great diversity on this album! Well produced! Full support

PATRICK ZIGON – nice album!

AAARON – Deep, dark and drifting. Great use of Space and Percussions. Really forward thinking construct of Drum Patterns. Every track has this analog tape machine feeling. „Escapade“ with its laid-back sunday after hour vibe and „Beyond control“ which is an hypnotic percussion monster are my favorites. Love theese guys.

DAN NOEL – AMAZING release! So big up to my bros from the north! Max support!!!

ALEX GROUND – very nice music here, superb release i ll try out for sure! thanks baile musik!

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