Fresh Juice, Pt. 1

Crocodile Soup - Lilith NL - Jessica Diaz - Monika Ross

Artists : Crocodile Soup, Lilith NL, Jessica Diaz and Monika Ross

Title : Fresh Juice, Pt.1

Genre : Deep House, Minimal Techno

Release date : 10.2014

Format : Vinyl & Digital

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For all the black gold lovers, Baile Musik proudly presents very first vinyl series that will be in stores in summer 2014. This massive V.A. features four tracks by Fresh Juice members Crocodile Soup, Jessica Diaz and Monika Ross including a guest appearance by the Dutch beauty Lilith.

While Jessica Diaz and Crocodile Soup represent their dark side with some heavy bass, Lilith s track builds a bridge to Monika Ross, showing the opposite with a very jazzy tune for the happy situations in life. Crocodile s – L homme mystere’ is all about the grooving bassline that steps through rainy territory in an atmosphere of an Italian gangster movie that finds its climax in a mysterious phone call.
Miss Diaz s – Tres’ keeps on that flavor charged with some typical dub sounds and vocal whispers here and there that keep the experience going on. If you listen close you will hear all the little noisy details snap- ping in your eardrums from all directions. While those two are four to the floor groove based tracks, Lilith and her – mani Padme’ comes along with some super cool drums paired with a sad mood in an experimental ambience of arabic voices and chants; a pure masterpiece if you like endless rhythm within a story of love and faith.

Madame Magic’, produced by Fresh Juice member Monika Ross, completes this release with its tech-house beat enriched with melodic parts that make you feel like you are sitting in a jazz-café. You can hear the people talking in the atmosphere while the groove carries you through the story in a very smooth manner.

All in all this vinyl is a great and round package packed with quality music for the early and later hours. It will definitely make people move on the floor with nothing but groovy minimal and tech-house.