Fresh Juice, Pt. 2

Max J & Coockies - Thomas A.S. - Battric & MIVU - Sonartek

Artists : Max J & Coockies, Thomas A.S., Battric & MIVU and Sonartek

Title : Fresh Juice, Pt.2

Genre : House, Techno

Release date : 11.2015

Format : Vinyl & Digital

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Releasing our sixth vinyl release we came to a conclusion that Fresh Juice and Lunar Station are profiling themselves into two strong vinyl releases thematics on Baile Musik.
After last Lunar Station edition with Marko Nastic, Luca Doobie, Glico and Adrianho we are back to our roots. Fresh Juice Part 2 is produced by some of the finest and everlasting Baile Musik residents.
It all started with first Fresh Juice edition by Crocodile Soup, Lilith, Jessica Diaz and Monika Ross, well recognised by our big fresh eye cover.
Max J and Coockies, Thomas A.S., Battric & MIVU and Sonartek are all very well known names of underground tech house and minimal techno scene, selected to be producers of Part 2.
Always inventive, always fresh and always diverse and interesting sounds by each of them.
Each track presents unit for itself, from house variation by Max J and Coockies, to intelligent Minimal by Thomas and strong dance floor killers by Battric & MIVU and Sonartek.
Our 94th edition offers plenty of interesting moments combined with dance floor fillers and top quality final processing by Rob Small.