Fresh Juice Pt, 3.

Deaf Pillow - Marco Cassanelli - Claudia Amprimo - Yaroslav Lenzyak

Artists : Deaf Pillow, Marco Cassanelli, Claudia Amprimo and Yaroslav Lenzyak

Title : Fresh Juice, Pt.3

Genre : Deep House, Minimal Techno

Release date : 01.2017

Format : Vinyl & Digital

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We are proud to present our thrid Fresh Juice edition on BM120.
This time we are brining amazing package of tracks by Deaf Pillow, duo based in Peru and deeply involved in South American underground dance scene.
They have been members of tINI and Gang, Get Physical, Crosstown Rebels, Kindisch and Baile Musik.

A side is closed by new face on Baile Musik, Marco Cassanelli
is now considered one of the most important house djs and producers
in the sounth of Italy. He is also the producer of the worldwide claimed compilation project ” T orquemada”.album New Sensations, Deafening Silence, Alone, Lo Hango Con Baja, Angels in the kitchen, The Battle oF The Butterflies, Deep Complex.

Our resident Claudia Amprimo and Yaroslav Lenzyak are filling the B side with their characteristic productions filled with deep groove and strong bass lines.