Lunar Station

Marko Nastic - Luca Doobie - Glico - Adrianho

Artists : Marko Nastic, Luca Doobie, Glico and Adrianho

Title : Lunar Station

Genre : Tech House

Release date : 07.2015

Format : Vinyl & Digital

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Baile Musik proudly presents 5th edition of it´s vinyl series that will be in stores in summer 2015. For 5th edition we have chosen Various Artists line up formation to show all the potential and musical width of our artists.
Lunar Station is nothing but simple thematic and the name of this edition. The journey begins with Marko Nastic, globally recognised by many as one of the top South Eastern Europe artists and performers. In his more than 20 years long career, Marko has done more than 200 releases including remixes and co-productions. He is most famous for his high end 3 decks sets which gave him opportunity to tour globe many times and to be resident of Exit festival. His opening track is called Mechanism Delight and presents typical analogue mechanical and dirty minimal techno sound.
A2 place is fitted by Luca Doobie, one of the most prominent names of Italian tech house scene. Musician since the age of 10, he’s now one of the most important artists in Milan’s underground dance scene. His track Cold Shade expands this release from analogue minimal techno sound to solid and groovy tech house sound.
B side brings our everlasting label member Glico and Adrianho. Both of the artists are presenting kind of a minimal techno sound but on two totally different levels. While Glico is focused on a wet minimal sound combined with house elements and strong percussions. Adrianho´s is pointing us in a direction of atmosphere, dark sensational and repetitive elements are dominating through B2.
Altogether, Lunar Station has never been closer, it sounds and it looks tempting.